"mcdonalds, i'm lovin' it" indeed
Whoa...triptych. I'd heard it before, but had to look it up. Yep, that's what it is. I can't wait until I see one of those and get to casually say something like, "What an amusing triptych!"
--Harry Wed Jan 7 08:58:00 2004
"db" was a bit like an early website for online buddy Robert's http://www.arbitrarydesign.com as he was learning how to put a site together. I'd go explore it since I knew I'd eventually get to his sculptures. They were worth going into those thar be dragons difficult navigational waters ..... Rennie
--rennie Wed Jan 7 14:48:54 2004
as usual, I think you underestimate the surfing-public's ability to figure out unique navigation. I wasn't confused and I think it looks nice -- it's an artist's page, I think your staunch function-over-beauty policy makes more sense for a site like kisrael. that being said, the guy is defensive and a little nutters. how rude!
--brooke Wed Jan 7 15:46:43 2004
Yeah, it looks nice. But would making the navigation still vaguely visible even when the mouse wasn't over it really detract from the visual effect that much??? You don't think having the nav circle disappear completely makes it much harder to use?

And trust me, the surfing-public isn't *that* bright to begin with.
--Kirk Wed Jan 7 16:11:23 2004
it doesn't disappear on my browser...
I'm curious, did he really write those comments in his first reponse to you? or were there more emails?
--brooke Wed Jan 7 16:14:40 2004
it was slow to load, but didn't disappear on me. Several sites have done that on me lately when I can normally surf sites fairly fast ..... Rennie
--rennie Wed Jan 7 17:25:43 2004
The ring is only invisible on MSIE. Guess the site owner's never looked at it without using Netscape.
--Bill the Splut Wed Jan 7 21:17:52 2004
I know nothing re: webpage design but the tao of grey.
--Wing and a prayer Thu Jan 8 09:21:02 2004
For what it's worth, the ring didn't show up until I put my mouse over it, and then it still had to load all the images, which I think is rather poor design. 
--jm Fri Jan 9 23:32:00 2004
I didn't realize what the problem was because I'm an Opera user, and though I, like jm, had a beef with the image load (as well as a weird image-stretching artifact on some of the inside pages) I didn't get that the ring was vanishing.

When I finally did see the nav-ring in IE, the phone rang and a creepy voice told me that in seven days, my DSL line would die.
--LAN3 Sat Jan 10 02:54:13 2004

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