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Bits in the British sense?
--Eric Fri Jan 9 12:43:24 2004
I remember streaming the Engelbart demo a few years ago. I think it was compressed at too high a bitrate, because it kept pausing and buffering. I don't think they took advantage of the fact that it was monochrome.

It's too bad, because from what I saw of it, it was incredible. I'd have been just as impressed by it in 1988 as everyone else was in 1968, since in 1988, time-sharing BBSes still cost $2/hour, 2400 baud modems were expensive, and video conferencing was still Jetsons material.

What I'd really like to see is the video demo of the Xerox Alto. I know there is one; I saw a few seconds of it in the "Triumph of the Nerds" documentary.
--Nick B Fri Jan 9 18:30:25 2004
Well, all that stuff might've been impressive in 1988, but I guess I'm thinking the really impressive bit would've been showing how to do it cheaply...
--Kirk Sat Jan 10 09:18:58 2004
Was that LSD charcoal drawing thing linked somewhere recently? Someone showed that to me just two days ago, and I had thoughts of linking to it myself. 

--jm Sat Jan 10 09:35:16 2004
yeah, either boingboing or metafilter. Sometimes I fear I'm just a big metametafilterfilter. Or a boingboingmooch.

What's your site?
--Kirk Sat Jan 10 10:38:35 2004

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