should she be committed?
My Mom went to some Mensa meetings in Boston. Ummmm... you might want to e-mail her for her input. She said they were the oddest bunch of people she had ever met.
--Snappy Wed Jan 14 16:55:57 2004
alt.religion.kibology was nearly torn apart a bunch of years ago ('92?)when some trolling in got out of hand and alienated a lot of members of both groups. However, if the newsgroup is representative of the organization, I'd have to say that Kibologists are far less arrogant than Mensans.
--LAN3 Thu Jan 15 14:46:43 2004
best advice from someone whose been there done that twice... don't do anything or go anywhere with someone new for a long while. give yourself time to heal and time to discover who you are when not in a relationship. the old addage of the best way to heal a broken heart is with a new love is the worst case scenario for making a HUGE mistake! for the record... i share your views on commitments. somehow, it just should mean the same thing to all people, and yet, it is interpreted in too damn many ways to suit the whimsy of circumstances. take care.
--aparajita Thu Jan 15 19:22:11 2004

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