mazda that meets the eye
In the recent (live-action) Japanese movie "The Returner," a young Tibetan woman goes back in time to prevent an alien invasion. Near the end of the movie, an alien ship disguised as a 747 (or like passenger jet) transforms, though not into a bipedal robot, but rather a different form of winged ship, something more eccentric and perhaps dragon-inspired.

Is the movie worth seeing? Erm, it'd be a good rental-- it has a nice SFX toolkit, a tolerable plot, and some characters who occasionally break into the 3rd dimension. 

Also, thanks to my l33t search-engine skills, I was able to discover the forgotten name of the movie on the first try, by searching for: time travel movie Japan buddy transform alien . I can't explain "buddy," but for reasons that only partially made it through the subtitles, the 747 was painted with "BUDDYAIR" [LINES] insignia.
--LAN3 Fri Jan 16 13:36:12 2004
I find it amusing to note that space-policy types like to distinguish between Mars probes that failed upon launch or boosting from those that were victims of "Martian Air Defense."
--LAN3 Fri Jan 16 13:56:51 2004
I first became aware of the theory of multiple intelligences reading Sassy magazine in the early 90's. Just another reason to believe that Sassy was the best thing to happen to the world and its cancellation is the reason we're at war.
--Brooke Fri Jan 16 20:33:10 2004

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