requiem for a sammich
Girls eating sandwiches? It has to be a real fetish. I mean, really. There is clown porn. There is neck brace fetish porn. If the existence of either of those two doesn't adjure to the existence of ALL OTHER POSSIBLE FETISHES, I don't know what does.
--jm Thu Jan 22 20:58:44 2004
I have no frame of reference... I can only give you my best wishes, for I see the dark side of either choice.
--Kevin Urenda Fri Jan 23 11:00:49 2004
Good point. I hadn't touhhgt about it quite that way. :)
--Romby Sun Apr 24 09:06:33 2011
My favorite is Hottest Black Cock on the Net, but thats busceae you trained me to drool over big black cocks! I can't get enough of your new Pussywhippedboy Theatre. The strapon movies are to die for. How ever do you keep improving this site? I think its great and then a few days later its even better!!!
--Ibrahim Tue Sep 17 06:58:15 2013
Mistress, MORE than a Girl is so hot. I've not gotten my optoaeirn for boobs yet, but seeing sexy hot trannies with boobs makes me want to get them very soon. I just wish my tranny clit was as big as the one on that website.xooxox
--Nely Thu Sep 19 09:31:51 2013
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--Mir Sat Feb 1 22:50:21 2014

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