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Hi, I'm leaving a comment, so you hopefully won't feel so neglected.
I'm sorry that things are not working out well for you at the moment.
If it makes you feel any better, "Mortality for Skeptics" is still one of my favorite things I've stumbled onto on the net (and how I found in the first place).
--Andy Tue Jan 27 11:15:34 2004
That Forbes Slideshow was terribly annoying. I had misse dthe end of several slides when I discovered you could control the thing. But really, why make the user jump through hoops when you could have simple Prev and Next buttons. This is an <i>interactive</i> medium, right? So why go to the extra work of removing that interactivity and writing a passive slideshow with a clunky interface? The content was quite amusing though.
--John S. Tue Jan 27 12:05:31 2004
I totally agree with the "self-fulfilling prophecy" aspect of dissecting a marriage. You can almost always find problems if that's what you're looking for. Well, chin up, Kirk, and just think of all the groupies who are waiting to jump you when the divorce is final.
--Harry Tue Jan 27 14:04:00 2004
That forbes page crashes my browser with no error every time I try to visit it. Wacky.
--Eric Tue Jan 27 14:35:03 2004
I think there's something else going on that you don't know about.
--Winslow Tue Jan 27 14:57:54 2004
You don't think she's seeing someone else do you? Having an affair perhaps?
--#%& Tue Jan 27 16:21:24 2004
Kirk, I must agree with Winslow. I admit to not giving the complete picture of my woes and unhappieness when I ended my relationship this summer. It is only now, that I am able to tell the whole story to him. Kirk, just know that sometimes, it is easier for some people to leave behind the person they love because they are unable to accept thier own faults.
--Rhetoric Tue Jan 27 16:23:23 2004
It's obviously not impossible but I doubt Mo's having an affair. I've never had evidence of either of us lying to the other, and I've asked directly. 

I think there's a much better chance that it's something we haven't quite uncovered, maybe vaguely gruesome, maybe something negative about me that she doesn't think I want to hear, but still.
--Kirk Tue Jan 27 16:29:05 2004
my 2 cents: I don't think it's an affair. I really, really really don't.

and yes, I think too much speculation on "signs" without clear communication does more harm than good.
--Brooke Tue Jan 27 18:14:12 2004
Relationship = hamster. If you dissect it to see if there are any anomalies... you'll know for sure, but you won't have a hamster anymore.
--Cordelia Tue Jan 27 19:31:43 2004
Awww, hamster!
--LAN3 Tue Jan 27 20:49:46 2004
Also, I usually write hampster, because if there's no p, then chances are it's just a dust bunny. 
--LAN3 Tue Jan 27 20:53:26 2004
Doesn't matter what she's up to...the most unfair thing you can do is think it has something to do with you. Let craziness stay with its owner. fan Wed Jan 28 02:50:33 2004

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