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Hey Kirk,
I wish I could have more to say, but it's many of those situations that I just don't know from both lack of experience, not totally knowing both parties, not wanting to make blanket assumptions, and so on and so forth. For instance, the house deal has all sorts of pros and cons that I could list and list and list, but for some reason, people get bored when I do that. =D
--Jesse Wed Jan 28 09:22:57 2004
Don't worry Jesse, I've been moring enough people with the pros and cons enough for both of us...
--Kirk Wed Jan 28 10:14:23 2004
I think the flying Pats logo isn't too bad, though I have to laugh at Gregg Easterbrook's (a.k.a. TMQ's) references to the Pats as the "Flying Elvises."
--Max Wed Jan 28 17:42:18 2004
I'm flattered!
--Cordelia Thu Jan 29 11:45:20 2004

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