escape! where you dodge the blue dots with your fantastic flying red square!
I'm with you, Kirk. After a complete desk cleaning, if I am vigilant about keeping it completely clear, things work well. As soon as I let it slide a little, it becomes and stays a complete disaster, despite my best efforts to prevent it. One case of a slippery slope that is, in fact, slippery.
--Max Fri Jan 30 11:27:24 2004
In my natural state, I live in cluttered surroundings, and rely on my memory to tell me where things are or things are likely to be. For some reason this works. I do get so much clutter that the job of cleaning starts to appear overwhelming, but once in a while I get the energy or motivation to do some drastic cleaning -- this isn't usually a good thing; motivation usually comes in the form of a mild panic that occurs when something goes missing, or the random consequence of clutter prevents me from completing a project. Last night I cleaned a big portion of my counter so I could make bread. (I didn't, because the garlic I was going to use turned out to be incredibly poor in quality.)
--LAN3 Fri Jan 30 14:41:46 2004
You must have a decent computer. On my 700mhz antique, the game is slow enough to last forever, and jiggling the red square slows down the blue chasers (they seem to share a thread)
--hexatron Sat Jan 31 10:17:07 2004
Hey, time to fire up the ol' Pentium II-350!
--LAN3 Sat Jan 31 12:44:07 2004
26.568 seconds on my 4th try! Go me! Go me! Heh.
--Andy Sat Jan 31 16:54:11 2004
My top score is 11+ seconds. Hmm, I wonder if I could use this idea to make a Q&D 7800 game based on my balldemo...

--Eric Ball Fri Apr 23 10:03:24 2004

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