behold i have become shiva, remover of books
i just started reading this (you replied to a comment of mine on slashdot, so i followed the link).

I'm studying for 2 med school tests next week and looking through your site was such a fun study break/distraction! 

So I was quickly scrolling through for like 15 min, at pictures, and I must say, I may have gotten it wrong, I've never met you (i don't think) but I must have somehow read the site completely linearly...

Started at the "biography" so I could figure out who you were, I saw the list of girls thing... then i saw pictures on that page which i rememebred (might have been?) some of those aforementioned girls. Then came the mo pictures... dating >>> honeymoon >>> married life.

Then I happened to see the front page. I'm very sorry that it didn't work out. I'm only 24 and you seem to be only a few years older than me, so don't worry buddy, you have plenty of time left :) 

Hell, look at that list of girls BEFORE your wife, huh? Just remember the ol' pre-marriage kirk-stud days... 

in case you're wondering my site is
--james Sun Feb 1 02:23:41 2004
Funny how you managed a pretty chronological view, despite my site's best attempts to sabotage that :-)

That list of past romances has a decent heft, though it bothers me that they all pretty much come from school environments. Life during school has a social structure I haven't seen since...
--Kirk Sun Feb 1 08:38:27 2004

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