two's complementary
hey kirk i saw that you'd seen the beautiful WTC fountains before sept 11. You mentioned how you were sad that such a beautiful piece of art was destroyed. While it is obviously not what it once was, as a new yorker I know it was recovered from the wreckage and moved. You can see it <a href="">here</a>
--james Tue Feb 3 03:53:40 2004
oh, guess the comments don't support hyperlinks...
--james Tue Feb 3 03:54:18 2004
(sorry about stripping out the HTML, I hate when people's bad HTML can mess up other people's entries, and tolazy to do it properly...)

I think I had heard the centerpiece had been salvaged and made into a new monument...but for me, it was the elegance of the water movement, especially as seen from up in the tower. But thanks for the link, I hadn't seen a good picture of the centerpiece in its new location.
--kirk Tue Feb 3 08:38:53 2004
I don't get the cartoon. Am I just dense, or is it some computer geek inside joke?
--Harry Tue Feb 3 10:46:04 2004
It's a computer geek inside joke, but the "punchline", such as it is, is slathered on at least 2 or 3 places on the page...I'll let you think about it a bit more, if no one gets it I'll post the explanation.
--Kirk Tue Feb 3 10:55:52 2004
complement != compliment, though.
--LAN3 Tue Feb 3 13:54:55 2004
Kirk, I don't get that 2 joke. Please explain. Thanks much!
--bewildered Tue Feb 3 14:57:56 2004
"Two's compliment" as a play on "Two's complement"? We never outgrow our need for puns!
--Mom Wed Feb 4 03:12:47 2004
Doi...I got it right after I sent the comment.
--Harry Wed Feb 4 11:28:36 2004
Umm... two's complement is way easier than that.

To convert a negative 16-bit number to a twos-complement integer, just add 65536.

For example, -5 is 65531, or 0xFFFB.

You don't even need to do that "by hand"... Windows Calculator, or maybe even the assembler, can do this.
--Nick B Wed Feb 4 12:53:19 2004
That the Pentagon has strategic planners concerned with dramatic weather changes shouldn't be taken as an indication that "the Pentagon," that sloppy journalistic shorthand for everything from the DoD to one or another branch of the Armed Forces, thinks it's likely to happen. After all, strategic planners are charged to create and update plans for invading China, Japan, Uganda, a hostile Antarctica, a space station at L5, etc. They generate plans so that, should the unlikely become likely (who the hell thought we'd be invading Grenada?), they have a starting point for dealing with reality. As far as weather changes are concerned, it makes absolute sense that they would do the same, perhaps even claim Total Glacier Readiness or the like.
--LAN3 Wed Feb 4 18:31:50 2004

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