fall not in love therefore; it will stick to your face
It's always going to be a banal place compared to the shiny place where you met and fell in love.
--Harry Thu Feb 5 09:10:24 2004
yeah but...a damn rebranded "mailboxes etc"?

As to where we met and fell in love...well, met is Tufts campus...the best candidate for "fell in love" is this one little pub near Inman Square, which is easier to be nostalgic about.

--Kirk Thu Feb 5 10:39:44 2004
I'm sorry.
--YELAS Thu Feb 5 11:21:51 2004
I really hate The UPS Store. The staff is generally terrible at best. So it seems fitting... better than signing the papers at... say Main Street in Disney World.
--Dylan Thu Feb 5 13:03:59 2004
hey, the UPS store isn't so bad... you were mere inches away from parcels that could be in Bangladesh by next week! adventure! possibility!

no, I'm stretching. but really, maybe banal was the way to go. it can't be too good to confuse an already maudlin moment with external sentimentality.

I'm sorry about the painful milestone. Very ouch.
--Brooke Thu Feb 5 13:28:12 2004
I agree with Dylan and Brooke. What better place to sign such a sad document than a drab, dreary UPS Store. Besides now you can go to Kinko's for all your shipping and packing needs, so you never have to return to that miserable place again. Thanks to FedEx you can put the whole ugly mess behind you!
--Sarah Thu Feb 5 14:10:57 2004

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