it's christmas! it's christmas in heaven! hip hip hip hip hip hooray!
I got 15 out of 20, looking at the eyes straight off. Some of those crinkly-eyed bastards were tricky.
--Brooke Sun Feb 8 11:11:49 2004
Eyes here too. scored 16/20
--YELAS Sun Feb 8 11:57:34 2004
figured out the eye thing a couple of people in, got 15/20.
--jm Sun Feb 8 12:51:58 2004
15/20 too. I looked more at the mouth/cheeeks.
--Max Sun Feb 8 18:47:52 2004
17/20 ... not too bad
--Beau Mon Feb 9 08:35:27 2004
it's all in the eyes... i got 19/20!
--aparajita Mon Feb 9 13:04:05 2004
sorry, forgot to mention thanks for the throw rocks link! my dtr has had a saying for at least 10 yrs now "boys are stupid, throw rocks at them". i think she may have started the craze actually...
--aparajita Mon Feb 9 13:06:04 2004

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