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Your CyberWar League reminds me of the old arcade game "CyberBall," a football variant where a team of robots (in some 4 or so configurations resembling blockers, runners, receivers and a QB) had to move the ball 40 yards (on a 200yd field) in 4 downs in order to defuse the ball, which would explode, demolishing whatever robot was carrying it. Every bot had a short, half-second or so speed-burst, which made for some great sacks when on D. One of the few sports arcade games I enjoyed, but like most, you had to keep plunking in quarters to play the full game.
--LAN3 Mon Feb 9 12:02:00 2004
Well, Kirk, I can think of one thing geekier than creating fictional team names and logos: collecting geeky work from your youth and posting it online. ;-) But, hey, we all visit this site because we enjoy it. So maybe we're even geekier.
--Max Mon Feb 9 14:09:32 2004
--Kirk Mon Feb 9 15:01:38 2004
Edwards/Kerry is the killer ticket, that probably won't happen now. Edwards, like you said, is friendly, youthful (though not young), and has a much better chance of pulling voters away from Bush.
--Eric Mon Feb 9 15:03:07 2004
Oops, hit tab too soon. Anyways, Edwards as President, Kerry as veep. Basically the mirror image of what we have now, with the dumbass at the wheel and the real politician riding shotgun.
--Eric Mon Feb 9 15:04:17 2004
I'm voting for Bush, but even I could tolerate an Edwards/Kerry ticket.
--LAN3 Wed Feb 11 00:57:25 2004
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Why am I not surprised that Irrelevant Seth does a hit piece on Edwards in light of his cmnmeot that was turned upside down and exagerated, sounding no more and no less than scare tactics and censorship. This is one of the original people who reported it. Note the cmnmeots .There are a myriad of reasonable articles on the subject, the NYT ran a feature on this kind of issue a couple of weeks ago.This is a good article to read, from a level-headed guy who has some useful advice to your friend towards the end of the .Take some deep breath here. Dean was smeared in the same fashion n the last weeks before Iowa and NH.As to your agreeing with this possiblility that Kerry and Edwards were held back from getting tough is History being rewritten: they were tough. They performed well on the debates and had the upper hand. They were slight favorites going into the election, but they were careful not to be rude or too abrasive or insulting. They had to be careful how they came across. Edwards cornered the VP pretty well during debates. Even Kerry when the Prez was answering, would lower his eyes and pretend to be taking notes so that his usual smirk and rolling of the eyes is not cuaght on camera.So this getting tough stuff is fluff and irrelevant.YOU have to get back to that time's popularity polls and atmosphere and judge it then.Edwards is a lightweight and is not deserving of any ticket seat, front or back. He is a panderer and lawyer salesman.There are people who master the issues much better, like Shumer or Meeks or Kent Conrad or other great choices. Shumer would be a great choice. He really remedied his media wh@riness issue and is a fantastic pick. Good guy, very smart, likeable and very knowledgeable. He sounds capable compared to Pretty Boy Millionaire.I don't remember you really liking neither Kerry nor Edwards back in 2004. Didn't you favor Gephardt? I don't remember clearly.Hindsight revision is pretty convenient, Dan. This discussion is really needless and out of place. Edwards doesn't have a chance regardless of what he did or does. He is a weak candidate.The Future of the Dem party is towards including someone like Jim Webb or Salazar or Richardson or Tester.Jim webb on the ticket would almost certainly guarantee a win.So let's not drag this conversation into Edwards mishmosh just because your pal is erroneously peeved at him.A non-factor. Next N.
--Indra Fri Jan 18 04:20:08 2013

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