i wish *i* could be filmed in the miracle of skeletorama
All I have to say is Kerry=Frankenstien.

A guy on NPR yesterday was commenting that the GOP was genuinely afraid of Dean, and the whole scream sabotage thing was a result (since the "left wing" media is now obviously a myth). Meanwhile they are leaving Kerry alone, which he interpreted as them having some tricks up their sleeve.

The conspiracy theorist in me fears a medium/major level terror incident in september/october and/or finding a cache of WMD in Iraq...
--Eric Wed Feb 11 11:03:19 2004
I'm not sure if a terror incident would help the current administration; it might keep people scared but it would also indicate that the people in power messed up.

I don't remember where I heard it, but part of my affection for Edwards is some article that said he was the only one the republicans were afraid of.
--Kirk Wed Feb 11 12:19:17 2004
ugly though he may be, there are things about Kerry I've admired since well before his recent victories. I don't find myself to be particularly stupid, nor riding the idiot bandwagon, kirk.
--Brooke Wed Feb 11 13:28:18 2004
Brooke, sorry if I was heavy handed in my comment, though I was thinking about the content in the article I linked to; a lot of Dems ARE electing Kerry because of his perceived electability, which I don't think is a completely unreasonable thing to do, but not if you're getting it wrong, which is what the survey suggests.
--Kirk Wed Feb 11 13:35:52 2004
Hey, I'm all for voting for Dennis Kucinich! Anyone with me? :-)
--me Wed Feb 11 15:07:49 2004
If I were a Democrat, I'd have mixed feelings about a lot of the Kerry-backing. Voting for his nomination because he's electable is a reasonable strategy, I suppose, especially where even many moderates among the party act as though they'd rather wear burkahs than live another 4 years under Bush. However, the argument that you should vote for whomever you really support appeals to the side of me that's optimistic about democracy in general. Unfortunately, this optimism is just the sort of reasoning that gets blamed along with "spoiler" third-party candidates such as Perot and Nader. Recent memory of Nader's run combined with the well-salted wound (among Democrats, at least) over the matter of the Florida ballot debacle, still further combined with the kludgy democracy that's being prematurely manhandled into place in Iraq, probably doesn't make for a lot of optimism about democracy.
--LAN3 Wed Feb 11 19:57:53 2004

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