helloooooo, sarah!
I always look forward to Dylans sidebar. The addition of Sarah will be tolerated! Just kidding. I loved the find the fake smile test, by the way.
--Rhetoric Thu Feb 12 17:02:20 2004
I was not told Dylan had a fan base... this adds a level of stress to the gig that I am not entirely prepared to deal with! If only he just weren't such a slacker!!!
--Sarah Thu Feb 12 18:33:34 2004
Does your comment board filter out <b>tags</b>? If not, it might be possible to inject script
--Testing Thu Feb 12 18:36:57 2004
Would you people please just leave me alone!!!
--Balzar Gargarfram Thu Feb 12 18:56:44 2004
Balzar! I have found you at last! Hear me now and here me well: I have no brother! You are a blight on the name Gargarfram!
--Baldzar Gargarfram Thu Feb 12 19:09:33 2004
Sarah, you have big shoes to fill! However, since you are clearly no afraid to lie to little old ladies, you have passed the one test that Dylan could not. Honest Fool! Good luck with the house hunt.
--Rhetoric Fri Feb 13 08:06:48 2004
Thank you Rhetoric... you're right, they are big shoes... almost freakishly big... have you ever seen Dylan's feet? Not pretty!
--Sarah Fri Feb 13 12:00:02 2004

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