i can't stop this feeling, deep inside of me. it might be some kind of intestinal flu.
Note to the readers of the sidebar: Yeah, Sarah's precarious position is no fun, but on the other hand she's been able to work from home (including a move from California to Florida) for like a lot of it...
--Kirk Fri Feb 13 12:15:44 2004
Brother Butch ... thanks for the online toy today. Scored some points with my wife!!! Try to keep up everyday.
--Beau Fri Feb 13 14:12:29 2004
I like this coast-to-coast pointlessness-squared stuff.

But...Give Sarah her own sidebar. And give us some pix of her!
--Dubious D Fri Feb 13 14:19:03 2004
Now that's what I'm talking about!!!
--Sarah Fri Feb 13 18:21:53 2004

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