brilliant, yes, but evil
wow, that card is great! how'd you do it? I assume photoshop with layers, but i'm not good enough to do any of that. any hints for a newbie, or is it way too hard?
--james brief Mon Feb 16 09:09:20 2004
Yay, I was hoping *someone* would comment... I'll probably write up a description of the technique for the loveblender next month.

The one you see below had the text generated via "print preview" in Word (the trick is to reduce the line spacing and use a big fat font) and then I brought that in as an image to paint shop pro and used the "magic wand" to select the white and put it over the photo. Later I refined the technique, using CSS in HTML to make the text, and using a Paint Shop Pro "Mask".
--Kirk Mon Feb 16 10:17:54 2004
It's pretty easy in Photpshop 7: Load image in background. Add new layer, fill with white. Type text in another new layer. Rasterize layer. Select text outline by Select-All, then Cmd(or Ctrl) and an arrow key. With selection visible, click on white layer. Hit delete. Voila.
--John S. Mon Feb 16 17:18:16 2004
What kind of formatting tools does Photoshop have more blocks of text, pretty extensive? 'Cause shrinking the line spacing and getting a nice thick fat font (and sometimes aligning both sides works, sometimes not) is important
--Kirk Mon Feb 16 18:27:50 2004

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