my bitter friend
A humorous aside, Kirk, is that this particular Wacky Web Tale once hung in the cubicle of my co-worker at Houghton Mifflin, your superman loving nemesis.

I'm going to make a little section on for the rest of the web tales I saved. Check sometime next week for it.
--Brooke Sat Feb 28 22:21:12 2004
It's so fascinating to get a glipmse inside the world of another writer! I'm mostly driven by my brain rather than emotions. I have a million ideas but my hyperactive mind also tends to take ideas apart, analyze them, and find them wanting before I even begin to write. That may be why I seem to do so well at writing nonfiction with basic specifications provided by a publisher.
--Andres Fri Jan 18 08:23:30 2013

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