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FDA doesn't recognize something about this, but my body did ... made me very ill until some surgery ... "trimeth" indeed. Read the truth about jello :) http://users.rcn.com/enf/jello.html ... I think Misti's used some jello clippings in her collages. Colorful stuff that hospital dietary is convinced is good for ya. That and those chicken and beef stock cubes. Now THOSE need some real 'splainin'! ..... Rennie
--rennie Sun Feb 29 14:51:37 2004
How much is a 3 character domian with the hypen between letters worth on average? You can say a LLL.com is usually $4,000 on up. How much is L-L.com? And would end users buy this? I saw L-L.com type of domian for sale on DNForum thread and they were asking $5,500 BIN. And in sales above there is one for $4,100+. Is this about norm or?
--Harsh Thu Jan 17 13:44:33 2013

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