Re your "Vulcan house".
If you'd like to think of a house having feelings, than you have to think like a house. It doesn't have a lot of ways of expressing itself. It communicates through visual things. It emotes through your decorations. I know you've put effort into that house...often doing stuff yourself that Mo and I were able to pay someone else to do. And the house expreses its contentment from that by having better floors or shinier walls or whatever.

But don't worry about letting the house down. When you move out, it will express its sadness by looking bare and empty for a while. You were a good owner. It'll miss you a bit. But chances are it will find a new relationship and start to look better again. In fact, *money talks as well*, and the house's worth and value as a desirable thing will be validated in the most elemental way possible, the piles of money you'll be sitting on as you sell at the height of the market.
--Kirk Mon Mar 1 17:00:10 2004
Kirk, re: YOUR house. man, am I going to miss that place.
--Brooke Mon Mar 1 20:56:51 2004

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