bachelor boy
I'm afraid that godhatesshrimp might have the opposite of its intended effect -- rather than show the baseball-bat Christians how ridiculous their assertions are, it might actually inspire some of them to turn their attention to manifesting God's wrath against shellfish.
--NickB Thu Mar 4 01:15:04 2004
Are you competing with Kirk under the category of irrational doomsday fears? :^)
--LAN3 Thu Mar 4 12:46:36 2004
You have experts in the fine art of spending money who would be willing to assist you, should you choose to call upon them.
--Cordelia Thu Mar 4 14:14:22 2004
Nah, save your money, you'll need it for the next one :)
--Eric Thu Mar 4 17:20:56 2004
If you're having trouble getting the shower scene in Psycho just right, why don't you head to DC and spend a day -- an entire day -- watching the movie?
--LAN3 Sat Mar 6 03:44:03 2004

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