stomp, crush, crumble and chomp
After all the help on the evite, and I didn't even get one?? You cad.
--Brooke Sun Mar 7 11:15:40 2004
Happy Birthday Kirkles!
--Sarah Sun Mar 7 22:18:18 2004
"Kirkles." Now there's a nickname I'm sure you'll be glad the whole world (well, the whole kisrael-reading world, anyway) knows.
--Max Mon Mar 8 07:45:42 2004
Kirkles has a long and undistinguished history, when I was dating a gal named Lynn, and our mutual friends envisioned us blissfully sighing to each other:
"Oh, Lynnie-Poo"
"My Kirkles..." 
But as far as diminutive nicknames go, Kirkles ain't so bad.
--Kirkles Mon Mar 8 08:18:45 2004

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