if love is a white dress
--rennie Sat Mar 13 17:06:57 2004
--rennie Sat Mar 13 17:10:05 2004
From infoplease.com, the lycos dictionary:

Pronunciation: (rE"krOO-des'), [key]
—v.i., -desced, -desc•ing.
to break out afresh, as a sore, a disease, or anything else that has been quiescent.

Yikes, yeah, that rather might fit.
--LAN3 Sat Mar 13 18:08:46 2004
now, I don't see any particular need to bring *LYCOS* into this. there are many other, less evil dictionaries out there! dictionaries that don't lay off their LOYAL, "HARD"WORKING EMPLOYEES. sorry. um. kirk, the wedding dress preparation isn't actually just cleaning. it's a finishing and storage process that's supposed to take a while. a year is a redockulously long time, though, isn't it?
--Brooke Sat Mar 13 18:59:43 2004
Yeah, i think it's because of some backlog or something. Personally I think maybe it might be tied into some kind of betting pool.
--Kirk Sat Mar 13 19:19:55 2004
Well, Lycos is the one whose API is built right into Opera, unlike my prefered freebie dictionary, m-w.com, which presumably only fires employees who try to unionize, or something. The preferred dictionary, of course, would be OED, which executes its employees in the case of mutiny, but otherwise has fair employment practices.
--LAN3 Sat Mar 13 20:04:07 2004
Betting pool is a funny idea, but seriously, if you're in the business of preserving people's wedding memories, you really need to consult some sort of actuary for the lifespan of marriages.

This does bring to mind one more reason men should be able to marry other men-- you can both rent tuxes, making gay marriage much more economical.

But that means they're bad for the economy, and therefore bad in general.
--LAN3 Sat Mar 13 20:07:31 2004

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