Personally, I'm a big fan of the "of the moment" suffix.
--Max Sun Mar 14 06:52:46 2004
"of the moment" is great ... I wouldn't change a thing!
--Beau Sun Mar 14 07:11:53 2004
I gotta second (er, "third"?) the motion to keep "of the moment".
--fb3 Sun Mar 14 09:08:54 2004
I miss "of the moment!" I hate change! I want my mommy!
--Brooke Sun Mar 14 10:37:50 2004
alright alright, I was wrong, "of the Moment" has a certain charm, I'll bring it back.
--Kirk Sun Mar 14 12:18:02 2004
Since I'm too late, I figured I'd put in my two cents: I like the "of the moment". I like it because you come up with better names than just "quote" or "article" for a lot of the stuff that you find. It's clever, and has a great ring.
--jm Sun Mar 14 13:09:35 2004
Why not randomize it between stuff like “of the moment,” “of the day,” “du jour,” “of this very second” and the like?

--Sean Conner Sun Mar 14 23:39:49 2004
That's not a terrible idea, but if anything I want to draw less attention to it, not more.

Heh, I remember this old C=64/Atari computer game "Mail Order Monsters" -- the loading screen would pick "the match of the _______" - epoch, millennium, microsecond...whatever.

Sometimes I do play with the time interval, "of the Day" when it was like Halloween, that kind of thing. Probably better to keep variations for special occassions :-)
--Kirk Mon Mar 15 10:45:55 2004

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