el día de la cerveza verde
Top o' the morning to you, Mr. O'Israel! Love the shamrock green.
--Max Wed Mar 17 10:56:31 2004
totally just ordered 'applicant' and threw in dreamtoons as well. thanks for the tip. almost reminds me of 'Found' magazine
--john s. Wed Mar 17 11:10:01 2004
How very "Google" of you to dress up the website today. Nice job. Happy St. Patty's day!

--Sarah Wed Mar 17 12:00:53 2004
I read the comment about "Heavy Periods," laughed, and choked on my lunch. Thanks, chief.
--Brooke Wed Mar 17 13:41:13 2004
Journalism classes taught me about libel and slander. Anything can get published. I understand dumpster diving is considered theft and even trespassing most places. Still, the law deals with "intent" so it'll be interesting to see what happens with the Applicant book. The people may or may not be public figures. Carol Burnette's case set a landmark ruling as far as invasion of privacy when she sued Enquirer some years back. I've had my own problems with dealing with folks writing about my life without permission. Some of it was life-altering. While we are all basically into long distance digging into the lives of others, there are considerations about doing it to those who don't intentionally dangle themselves out to the public. Will also be interesting to see what deep pockets these folks might look for to sue in responsibility when they didn't keep private applications from surfacing ..... Rennie
--Rennie Wed Mar 17 15:38:09 2004
I guess you're right, but it is pretty anonymous. In the book Reklaw mentions that he's aware of potential legal issues he is glossing over. But the whole thing is pretty dang anonymous, unlike Carol Burnett, where the whole thing was that it was about HER. 
--Kirk Wed Mar 17 16:48:34 2004

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