The "Real Alternative" codecs (and the "Media Player Classic" app) make a great alternative to installing RealOne Player:

I also like the QuickTime Alternative on the same page.
--Max Tue Mar 23 10:21:26 2004
While I agree RealOne has many many shortcomings, I never noticed that particular one, for two possible reasons I can think of: I tell RealOne not to associate itself with audio CDs, and I do tell WinAmp (which runs the optional WinAmp Assistant designed to grab hold of file associations, as instructed, from other apps that try to take them away.
Also, how much in love are you, in general, with the fact that Windows autoplays/autoruns CDs anyway? That can be disabled, too.
--LAN3 Tue Mar 23 14:18:43 2004
In regard to the Title of the Moment, I point you to an article I've liked for some time now:
--jm Wed Mar 24 20:57:58 2004

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