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If you haven't already, I recommend you see "Intolerable Cruelty," the Coen Bros. movie that is a cautionary tale on the combined effects of marriage, divorce, and teeth-whitening.
--LAN3 Fri Mar 26 11:29:17 2004
Thanks for publishing the link to 10 best album covers. "My name is Dave and I'm here to say ..." Too funny.
--chris w Fri Mar 26 14:22:00 2004
Yeah, they forget that the nextline always goes "that I like _____ in a major way". That is THE cheesy rap opening of the 80s.

Gotta check out that film. Don't remember hearing much about it.
--Kirk Fri Mar 26 14:49:50 2004
That's not just the best ansewr. It's the bestest answer!
--Judy Wed Apr 27 17:43:43 2011
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--buy oem software Sun Feb 12 01:27:51 2012

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