big three. big oh.
Happy 30th Kirk. I turned 29 in Feb., so 30 is now less than a year away. time does get ahead of us.

--Rhetoric Wed Mar 31 09:53:27 2004
Happy Birthday Kirk! I just passed the 3-0 landmark last Feb. I feel special! Welcome to the club!
--Erin the film hag Wed Mar 31 10:54:11 2004
Happy Natal Day Darlin'.
See you tonight.
--YELAS Wed Mar 31 12:16:45 2004
Happy Birthday!
--Candi the Unlaziest of Shellfishes Wed Mar 31 15:52:54 2004
Happy birdy, mon ami.
--Brooke Wed Mar 31 16:54:21 2004
Happy Birthday!! ..... Rennie
--rennie Wed Mar 31 18:49:16 2004
Congratulations on your survival!
--Cordelia Wed Mar 31 22:42:01 2004
I forgot to wish you a happy birthday when you called last night. So sorry, I was tired. 

You rock, happy birthday. Now you can expand your "back in the day" litany to include more than high school/college memories and video games. :)
--oh shit Thu Apr 1 08:49:49 2004

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