pert plus plus
Good title indeed. And I like the quote, too. You know that a non-geek probably wouldn't understand the infinite loop joke.
--Max Mon Apr 5 06:59:13 2004
Of course, the geek side of my then proceeded to overanaylyze the joke..."man, that's a poor mental implementation of the spec...he must not be checking for error conditions like 'out of shampoo'!"
--Kirk Mon Apr 5 10:10:45 2004
My COBOL teacher showed us a rare videotape of a speech made by Grace Hopper in which she addressed the "lather, rinse, repeat" problem at length. I'm sure someone out there tried to do their thesis on it.
--Nick Bensema Mon Apr 5 11:49:11 2004
Maybe when he got low on shampoo he started rationing, Zeno-like-- he'd use half of the shampoo that was left, then half of what's left...
--LAN3 Mon Apr 5 14:29:07 2004
But then it would break down on the Lather step. I bet the poor bastard had torn all his hair out before he starved.
--LAN3 Mon Apr 5 14:29:58 2004
Just the type of insight we need to fire up the dabete.
--Carrie Fri Jan 6 16:45:49 2012
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--Eiran Sun Jul 8 00:23:41 2012

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