Brother Butch ... don't use iTunes too often to purchase music. Still do a little bit of the file sharing thing if I really need to find something. 
--Beau Tue Apr 6 06:36:43 2004
Yeah? What service is good these days? I didn't overdo Napster, just for obscure stuff. It seems like a lot of the current replacements are very spyware-heavy...
--Kirk Tue Apr 6 09:07:19 2004
KazaaLite seems to be the choice of a new generation these days. I'm finding a good amount of stuff I want through Napster 2.0. It integrates with WMP9 to do its DRM stuff, which is no good for your iPod, but if you just need to listen to something, it hits the spot. I'll check tonight, if I remember, to see if they have your songs.
--LAN3 Tue Apr 6 11:38:26 2004
I find quite a bit of items on Bearshare. Not that difficult to use and has had everything I ever looked for (though sometimes it took a few days).
--Beau Tue Apr 6 13:15:17 2004

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