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Kirk, I have to believe you probably had a KNISH from a NYC vendor, as I don't think I've ever seen one selling pierogies. A knish (the kind from a street vendor) has a hot pockets-like crust filled with potato. A pierogie is more like a slightly firmer wonton filled with potato and sometimes onion or cheese.

You know, sometimes I frighten myself with posts like this...
--Max Thu Apr 8 06:59:04 2004
You're probably right. I was thinking Pierogies didn't sound quite right.
--Kirk Thu Apr 8 09:10:09 2004
Damn. Now I want a knish REALLY BAD.
--Brooke Thu Apr 8 11:24:23 2004
Pierogies can also be filled with bacon and sauerkraut. I, for one, am slightly baffled that they'd take something that's made from cooked potato, and stuff it with potato. I can think of another thing that's full of cooked potato and made of potato. It's called, I believe, a baked potato.
--LAN3 Thu Apr 8 11:53:01 2004
My Mother, being the Lithuanian-bread beast that she is always make pierogies when I was growing up. I never got the whole pasta stuffed with potato concept either! Same with gnocci -- it's like what rubber cement would taste like in boiling salt water. I have never had the bacon and kraut stuffed versions -- they might be palatable. Since the only occasion I ever have for kraut is a Reuben/Rachel sandwich...I will be on the look out. And, another culinary pondering - being raised as a Catholic (not STILL Catholic, but whatever) and being half Lebanese, we always ate roasted leg of lamb on Easter. I always thought all Catholics ate lamb for Easter. Recently, I found out that I am incorrect. Do any of you eat lamb (and not with mint jelly, but with rosemary and garlic -- maybe a savory wine-mushroom drizzle)?
--Rhetoric Thu Apr 8 12:29:12 2004
OK... can I just say I love that electronica cover of "Man of Constant Sorrow"... I feel like some sort of techno-redneck, but damn it's good! By the way... nevermind Peterson, I am BYH alumni too!!!
--Sarah Thu Apr 8 13:58:28 2004
Sarah, duly (and dully) noted (updated)

Easterwise, my family makes enchiladas.
--Kirk Thu Apr 8 16:08:32 2004
Does it strike anyone other than my agnostic self as weird that Christians eat lamb on Easter?
--Cordelia Thu Apr 8 17:23:41 2004
I dunno; maybe it's related to the whole communion wafer and wine thing...
--Kirk Thu Apr 8 18:09:16 2004
Heh. "You Christians eat your gods. We feed ours."
--Cordelia Fri Apr 9 11:59:05 2004

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