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Kaplan's not exactly going to be fair to Dr. Rice when his recent columns have been a catalog of praise of Dr. Clarke. That's rather stunning; he's faulting Dr. Rice for failing to cut through the bureaucracy, and championing Dr. Clarke, who could not be more of a bureaucrat it he tried.
--LAN3 Fri Apr 9 13:03:22 2004

There's the link to the AP transcript of Dr. Rice's testimony. Searching for the phrase "Isn't it a fact" will take you to the relevant exchange about the PDB [Presidential Daily Briefing] in question. Unlike Kaplan, Dr. Rice mentions that the title of the PDB notwithstanding, the briefing did not contain new threat information. How old was the information? Senator Bob Graham, no Bush supporter, says 3 years old:
--LAN3 Fri Apr 9 16:49:32 2004
Kirk, you're an interesting kat and I really enjoy
--Cole Fri Apr 9 20:43:11 2004
--Kirk Sat Apr 10 12:14:09 2004

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