thanks, great-grandma
Kirk, your new IM section is like the All-Ranjit channel. It's twelve pounds of Ranjit in a ten pound bag. Well, fine. You may be all fancy schmancy blog-pants, but my boobs are bigger. I think I've got a better shot.
--Brooke Sat Apr 10 17:48:01 2004
Well, true, but only for like the first half...
--Kirk Sat Apr 10 18:09:38 2004
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--mxwnz awpjrcsbh Sun Jan 18 00:13:59 2009
Wow, this is in every rsepcet what I needed to know.
--Heidi Sat Sep 10 06:45:37 2011
Anyone have any experience w/ Rugby ofoxrds? are they flimsy compared to Brooks or Press? I just noticed that they are offering a trim version of J.Press's classic flap pocket OCBD but at a better price. Just wondering if its close to comparable.
--Friliansii Thu Apr 4 04:36:05 2013
DTwyHW Wow, great article. Really Cool.
--only for 5 dollars Thu Sep 12 09:41:33 2013

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