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There's been some discussion about the low quality of this year's YOBiP. It seems like they didn't get enough submissions, and had to pad the show with other crap to make it sufficiently long.
--Cordelia Mon Apr 12 14:28:46 2004
Yeah, I'd believe that.

S'funny, they must be worried, because that thing has to be a huge cash cow for them.
--Kirk Mon Apr 12 15:04:54 2004
Next year should be interesting. I wonder whether attendance will suffer?

John brought up a good point - last year they had two different shows, this year only one half-assed show. Another indcation that they didn't get enough material?
--Cordelia Mon Apr 12 16:43:29 2004
2, huh?

Hey, what's your blog again?
--Kirk Mon Apr 12 21:36:52 2004
I am ashamed in my utter nongeekery. It's felisdemens on Livejournal.
--Cordelia Tue Apr 13 11:38:17 2004

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