Kirk, believe it or not, when I worked in Dallas at the American Airlines training center, a large number of these contractors came to our center to receive combat and crowd control training. They were largely ex-military or law enforcement folk from the South. They were all seeing huge $$$ in their eyes. 
--Cole Mon Apr 12 22:09:47 2004
They're our very own unlawful combatants!

Not 'There'. 
--Grammar Nazi Tue Apr 13 03:54:06 2004
Your (just kidding, You're) not a Grammar Nazi, you're a Typo Nazi. Anyway I'll fix it.
--Kirk Tue Apr 13 09:04:20 2004
/   I'm impressed that evrneoye was above 50% at least. She supposedly is going to come out next with a book on the correct use of the apostrophe. I think every person who has anything to do with making signs, billboards, etc. should be required to own it! They seem to be some of the worst offenders.
--Eli Sat Jul 7 23:18:19 2012

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