basic math...well, maybe 6502 assembly math
Well, in all fairness, both Dylan and Victoria's Secret have gotten a ton of publicity over the stupid, creepy ad. So, it worked for both of them commercially. It's just so disturbing seeing counterculture artists sell out to publicly traded corporations.
--Max Tue Apr 13 10:10:46 2004
didn't Dylan ended up being a kind of extreme catholic as well? i just remeber some performances for the pope or something...
--Kirk Tue Apr 13 11:42:34 2004
I think he's a Jew again. Or maybe I'm thinking of Leonard Cohen...
--Brooke Tue Apr 13 12:52:31 2004
I read an article last week on Yahoo! about the Bob Dylan/Victoria Secret ads and there was a quote (I forget who said it) that asked "What would you rather have Bob Dylan selling, ladies' underwear or cat food?"
--Candi Tue Apr 13 13:50:03 2004
Consider also NAND and NOR, either which can be used to create all of the other logical operations, while AND and OR cannot.

--Eric Ball Wed Apr 14 14:44:27 2004
Good point, Eric! I was thinking about mentioning this on [stella] but it seemed a bit far afield...
--Kirk Wed Apr 14 17:02:25 2004

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