melancholy of the moment
--Sarah Thu Apr 15 08:05:36 2004
heh, thanks.

Admittedly, this picture is a little heavy handed. With luck'll it'll get me a pot full of money and a new start. But the sign did seem striking to me.
--Kirk Thu Apr 15 08:56:03 2004
I think it's fantastic.
--Dylan Thu Apr 15 12:10:17 2004
Because of the composition (I like how I got the sign kind of "looming") or just the cashing out and moving on?
--Kirk Thu Apr 15 12:41:15 2004
It breaks the heart. But I do like the picture.
--Brooke Thu Apr 15 14:38:08 2004
i'd probably sound crazy or whatever, but i do think your car is cute...

i dunno, just wanted to tell you something a little less depressing?

p.s. - my zodiac girls are up if your interested

(if you still don't know who i am...i did the illustrations for your yee and lan story...)
--the crazy spork Thu Apr 15 14:46:40 2004
Yup, I remember! "Not a Bondage Drawing" and all :-)

My car IS cute...I sang its praises 2 1/2 (and 40K miles) years ago when it hit 50K miles:
--Kirk Thu Apr 15 15:44:42 2004

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