happiness is...warm puppies or guns?
I detected Mickey Mouse as a non-character long long ago. One day I was watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon and thinking, "hey, I can watch Bugs on twelve channels, but I can only watch Mickey on one channel. And Mickey hasn't been in a cartoon since 1980, and yet the Looney Toons are making cameos in Tiny Toons..."

Of course, Looney Toons is in danger of diluting itself. The whole reason "tiny Toons" worked so well was because it gave us young characters, but didn't despoil the original, old characters by giving them a childhood that takes place 50 years after their adulthood. Then they go and make "Baby Looney Toons". Ker-duh.

Come to think of it, did anyone see that Looney Toons movie that came out?
--Nick B Sat Apr 17 21:59:27 2004
The new one? (someone said it should be subtitled "not Space Jam".) I heard one review of it, but it said it was *really* good, with old school manic energy and a gag-a-minute, some the kids will get, some just for adults watching...
--Kirk Sun Apr 18 08:18:01 2004

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