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when not wearing appropriate tennis shoes for the courts, I liked wearing Docksides for casual wear. Use olive oil on them instead of neatsfoot or other polishes. They'll wash if you don't care to wear socks with them. Put a little Gold Bond in if your feet get hot and sweaty. I got them in natural leather for summer and dark for winter. I sprayed with Camp Dry for damp winters. GENESCO (General Shoe) made a brand of comfortable summer shoe called Washables. I find more variety for these special shoes at hiking, camping, specialty stores. I'm over the little Italian barely-there sandals. Walmart carried a flipflop that couldn't be worn out for several years. I bought about six pairs for showers when we go swimming or boating since I know we are a disposable society and don't like put out things that last at a discount for long ..... Rennie
--rennie Tue Apr 20 16:06:53 2004
I have a pair of these, and they are great in a simple kind of way:

(and if you haven't gotten a pair of Ecco shoes, you don't know what you're missing)
--Eric Tue Apr 20 16:43:07 2004

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