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I'm not a technician but I'll tell you what I do.Apart from using the ouboivs freeware virus/adware/spyware removers (which always find the viruses that ARN'T bothering me ironically) like Spybot and Adaware, I run combofix.It's a neat little program I recently found when dealing with the stupid XP Antivirus'. It can also use predefined scripts to deal with viruses. So if running it alone doesn't clean it up, try googling for a script that will help you (written by some nice guy out there).Another aproach is always to manually remove virsues but ouboivsy it isn't an easy job unless you know what you are doing.But if you can identify the virus with a name or some sort you can always google and find steps to manually remove it.Not sure if combofix has a website but just google it for a download Personal experiance
--Silvia Thu Apr 11 09:53:50 2013

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