like castle wolfenstein 3d but better
The last few days of Dilbert have been really funny, with Dogbert working as a realtor. Good stuff, and it should seem especially relevant to you right now, Kirk.
--Max Fri Apr 23 08:54:14 2004
Kirkles, my 2 cents about yesterday's post, and this has nothing to do with taking sides. I am being a neutral as possible to say: I do see why you include "it's a viewpoint that some of our mutual friends share though it irks the hell out of me" -- I get why that would bother you. But you open Mo up to frequent criticism here on If you're going to be hurt by the ways people support her, maybe it would be kinder not to discuss the details of your life together on a public forum.
--Brooke Fri Apr 23 09:09:02 2004
Hey Kirk,
First off, I want to say, sorry to hear about the divorce, as it doesn't sound as if you're totally into it.

As for your request for comments on that one comment, I don't really know either you or Mo incredibly well, so I can't provide any deep insight into the issue or anything of the sort. I can possibly provide an observation, however, I have made and other friends of mine that could possibly considered acquaintences of you and Mo. Anyway, our observation of a major "superficial" difference between the two of you is that Mo seems very gregarious and socially interactive and active when it comes to people whereas you don't seem so active or interactive or gregarious. I don't mean this observation to be a criticism in anyway, at all. I just thought an observation from more "disinterested" viewers may provide some kind of insight.

Hope it has helped somehow!
--Mr. Lex Fri Apr 23 09:39:18 2004
Brooke: I hear what you're saying and maybe I will tone it down here. But this site is an important way for me to record and work through my feelings. I know people with a more typical sense of privacy or who tend to be less multiple-viewpoint oriented probably won't "get" why I do that in a public place. (It's not to hurt Mo or play martyr) I do try to be even-handed and even generous sometimes in the light I put Mo in here. And it's not that people are supporting her that bugs me, it's just a description of me that doesn't seem accurate--though in my effort to learn from this debacle I'd like to learn more about the charge.

Mr. Lex: You know, it's *really* funny that you say it, because in many ways the opposite is true. Mo's come to the realization that she's a bit classically introverted, and works to be more interactive--which is probably why you have that perception--while I tend to more naturally do pretty well in party-like settings. Also Mo's fortunate in right now she's got a big group of fun young co-workers and their friends that she's bonded with, whereas my workplace (with a few exceptions) skews older and to the right. And of course, some of my hobbies are fairly solitary pursuits (no comments from the peanut gallery on that, thanks.)
--Kirk Fri Apr 23 10:00:33 2004
Sportsfan or not. Hawk or dove. You have to feel a sense of sadness and reverence for Pat Tillman. His story helps you to refocus your definition of "hero".
--Cole Sat Apr 24 13:57:51 2004

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