in toon
Envy my laptop. Go ahead.

By the way, I'm not sure playing this much GTA is good for me. It makes John nervous when I sit in the living room screaming "HAHAHAHAAAAA! I AM THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION!" attended by screams and explosions at 3AM.
--Cordelia Wed Apr 28 11:39:19 2004
IF you find it - pick one up for me too please.

--YELAS Wed Apr 28 13:43:35 2004
I have a Dell Latitude X200 and love it. 12" and 2.9lbs. You can get from Dell Outlet for around $1000... If your needs are very light, look to the older used notebooks: IBM T22, or Dell Latitude Cp come to mind. From back when 12" screens were considered huge.
--Bill Wed Apr 28 13:56:16 2004
As Cordelia references, some of this technolust was set off by the laptop in her and Sawer's Living Room...tiny and adorable, but a VAIO, so therefore flakey and not 100% reliable, and *hot* if you put it somewhere so the ventilation isn't perfect.
--Kirk Wed Apr 28 14:02:42 2004
Here's a serious ultralight:,aid,115190,00.asp
--Max Wed Apr 28 21:06:47 2004

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