to boldly fight where no man has fought before
Thanks for the spaceship war link. The PRE-spaceship war stuff was even more interesting I thought... and that's a wonderful photo at the top of the page. I'd say with 98% certainty that it is Io in front of Jupiter.


--AuSkeptic Thu Apr 29 08:34:42 2004
I have the feeling that war in space and such would take the appearance more of how it works in the Dune series of books.
--Mr. Lex Thu Apr 29 09:06:38 2004
I haven't read much Dune.

The thing that gets me about almost all scifi with human human can think at the speeds spaceflight will be at, so besides the other disadvantages of such a life-support needing squishy thing, there's that as well.

Elite II: Frontier was (hopefully) the most realistic scifi space sim I'll ever play...ships taking forever to get anywhere (you could speed up time), shooting at each other from huge distances with energy beams...dull as dishwater.
--Kirk Thu Apr 29 09:16:42 2004
I believe what Lex is driving at is that in Dune technical advantages only last a short time. If you don't take advantage of it you might as well produce the simple stuff you have over and over as fast as you can.

/tech warfare for dummies
--AuSkeptic Thu Apr 29 11:02:42 2004
I have to add that I get tingles when Kirk mentions anything I say.

It's Warholian. I'm famous for 15 nerdseconds.

I used to have a photoblog, but it was never as good as this. 
--AuSkeptic Thu Apr 29 11:54:04 2004
I gotta say, I think it's closer to 15 nanonerdoseconds. I'm pretty small potatoes. Though I'm happy that more days than not I'm able to stir up a bit of conversation.
--Kirk Thu Apr 29 12:32:15 2004
Go to Talk of the Town diner in Watertown Square, order the scali french toast, and TELL me it's mundane. Actually, just go, and let me live vicariously through you.
--Brooke Thu Apr 29 12:41:23 2004
Well, sure, if you're going to get all *french* about it. But that's like saying concrete is exciting because of all the cool buildings you can make out of it.
--Kirk Thu Apr 29 12:50:38 2004
Shut up, concrete is my mother.
--Brooke Thu Apr 29 13:50:48 2004
You're a woman of mystery, Brooke.
--Brooke Thu Apr 29 14:23:46 2004
that last comment was from me. Sometimes I mentally get this msg box mixed up with my email program, and type "to" instead of "from". Maybe I should fiddle with the UI a bit.
--Kirk Thu Apr 29 14:52:21 2004
I'm so confused. Who AM I?
--THE REAL BROOKE Thu Apr 29 19:21:42 2004
No, who am *I*...
--Puppet Brooke Thu Apr 29 20:36:29 2004

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