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I hope you enjoy your iBook! Welcome to Mac--I'm cross-platform myself, use both at home and at work. If you're looking for little, light and fast, it's hard to beat an iBook!
--Rocco Fri Apr 30 10:06:09 2004
Thanks, I hope it goes well. I wonder if there's a good guide for semi-power-Windows-users who are just starting with OS X...I haven't really used MacOS since the school of the MFA in 1994 or so. 
--Kirk Fri Apr 30 12:59:10 2004
My first response is to say YES it is a very uusefl piece of equipment. But then I have to restrain myself and factor in that depending on your habits it may or may not be.But personally I love it  it has helped me tremendously at work, in meetings, doing research, brainstorming, drafting out new ideas with diagrams, reading (AWESOME for reading) etc.. So you if you are inclined to do any of these things then I think you would love it.Also different professions could have great use for them. Anyone that spends a lot of time offsite or away from their desk but are required a lot of note taking would find a tablet very uusefl. As well I definitely would have killed for one of these babies when I was in school.I guess the bottom line is that if you are someone that a) takes a lot of notes b) works in groups or with clients c) drafts diagrams d) does a lot of research e) reads a lot  then a tablet would be a great investment.The price for these guys is getting better and better and they are finally being built with some guts to them. There are actually some decent models out now that can serve as a legitimate notebook replacement. The one I have lacks power for heavy duty work (Photoshop for example) but with the newer models on the market that won't be a problem.Hope this long winded ramble helps
--Penny Sun Jul 8 23:22:30 2012
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