I tease about the "first worst boyfriend" at Blender, but the second worst (jk-kinda) was somewhat of a pro at photography. In printing/publishing, I did my darkroom time. My house was burglarized and trashed years ago, and I got tired or providing folks with great cameras that way. However, now that I'm going to be on the road again, I am looking forward to getting some great pictures. This is one reason my cyber-ears perk-up when I see you mention anything on photography here. One reason I enjoyed the pix on the top here is because I've got others that I can use to combo and make a great drawing or painting. I was in a chat group for years with photogs and artists until the channel closed. Lots of good info on folks trying the latest equipment there. A few were award winning photogs with real pointers. Good place to start, if you want a suggestion ..... Rennie
--Rennie Lorca Tue May 4 15:34:38 2004
What's that about the combo->drawing or painting? 

I might be interested in a community like that. Though I think right now I want to also focus on my music...that was my official self-appointed task for my early-30s, get into making music a bit...even if the base is just all the basslines I still have kicking around from highschool. Getting them into MIDI would be great. Though I just found out that my new ibook might not be up to running the Garage Band software that's really popular in the Mac community (for example I think it needs a DVD to load) So maybe I'll give Cakewalk on PC another whirl, I need some kind of MIDI/USB connector...

sorry for rambling :-)
--Kirk Tue May 4 15:59:59 2004
hey, loveblender means never having to say you're sorry :) (sorry) ..... Rennie
--Rennie Wed May 5 05:07:28 2004

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