it's not you
As per Kirk's request, I'm posting this link because I do think it's comment worthy.
--Candi Thu May 6 07:53:39 2004
Yeah, anyone else find any really good images at yesterday's link? Too be totally honest I haven't really had the time to browse it that thoroughly yet...
--Kirk Thu May 6 09:08:57 2004
I think kirk logan is a very sexy name. :)
--pukingfilminNC Thu May 6 11:36:54 2004
I think Kirk Israel is a fine name; it flows well. I always get a lot of stupid comments for my name but it flows nicely too. Even if you change your name you're still going to be Kirk Israel, might as well show it!
--Candi Thu May 6 12:03:35 2004
as for the last name "Montana" - I think that's so f'n badass... ala "My Name is Tony Montana! Seh hello t'ma leetle friend!"
--james Thu May 6 14:01:36 2004
Yeah, as a general rule, place names can make up some pretty cool sounding person names.
--Kirk Thu May 6 14:26:14 2004
Except in my case, I mean
--Kirk Thu May 6 14:26:29 2004
Though "Logan" is a mountain in Alaska, as well as an airport in Boston.
--Kirk Thu May 6 14:26:49 2004
Maybe you should change it to Kirk Palestine for the next few years. 
--Harry Thu May 6 14:34:59 2004
If you change your name then you won't be able to tell your amusing little "Israel and Jordon haven't gotten along so well in years" anecdote...
--Sarah Thu May 6 15:19:55 2004
And wouldn't that be the real tragedy!!!
--Sarah again Thu May 6 15:20:54 2004
Yeah, that story has become kind of an adjunct to the whole "germans hiding in the USA from other germans, but before the concentration camp thing" story. And I dunno, I'm getting kind of sick of it.
--Kirk Thu May 6 15:30:29 2004
I'll do what I usually do when people ask me to recommend band names, and obnoxiously suggest "Free Beer" and "Many MOre". OK, OK, "Manny Moore".

--Nick B Thu May 6 17:57:58 2004
What, for a person name?

"My name? Free. As in Beer."

--Kirk Thu May 6 19:53:22 2004
Kirk Logan's actually a pretty good tough-guy name.

Not as good as these, though:
--LAN3 Thu May 6 23:04:39 2004
This Jordan would miss the connection.

Won't even bring up your dad.

--YELAS Fri May 7 17:32:26 2004

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