If you want another story about a guy in Europe and his tapeworm, I heartily recommend the novel "Filth" by Irvine Welsh.
--fb3 Fri May 7 07:56:42 2004
Huh. I think I *wanted* to like his writing more than I ended up actually liking it. I think I tried Trainspotting and Ecstasy. Heh, quote from http://books.guardian.co.uk/authors/author/0,5917,-168,00.html - Welsh now readily admits that "Ecstasy was like somebody writing an Irvine Welsh exploitation book."
--Kirk Fri May 7 08:51:45 2004
Just cause it's simple doesn't mean it's not super hleupfl.
--Vianca Mon Aug 1 12:15:46 2011
Always the best content from these prodigious writres.
--Kaeden Tue Sep 6 01:28:39 2011
Site seems to have most of the functionality that one of these soacil networking sites needs to have to compete. As it's in Welsh though, and I'd guess there's not that many in Welsh, then it'll probably do well, if it hasn't already. Is there a link to an English Translation of the main content and navigation? I couldn't find one. If there isn't then that's interesting, and from my point of view, very good. If people building Welsh language sites in Welsh dont feel the need to provide English translations of the main content, then it would be only fair if English language sites don't have to provide Welsh translations of their content. I know this isn't a government funded site, well I don't think it is anyway, and therefore not legally bound or advised to do so, but the point is valid. I'd guess that the people who've made the site haven't provided a full translation to english as they are a corporate business. As a business they have to keep a very close eye on costs. They've realised that there's no point in releasing an English version of the site, the people who go to the site will want to read it in Welsh. The extra cast would be a waste of money and time. If you follow that line of thought, when you go to an English content site, you want to read it in English, and providing a Welsh translation of the site would be a waste of time and money. If it isn't your money though, and there is absolutely no accountability in the place where you work, then there is always going to be people who think there should be a Welsh translation of every word on all the pages of the site, as they don't realise the cost in any way shape or form. Would every member of staff in the University mind giving the web team 500 pounds each, per annum, to fully translate the glam site into Welsh? I don't think they would to be honest. Why are the news items in English on Perthyn? Because they probably haven't got the resource/money to have them translated on the fly would be my guess. Bravo perthyn.com, a Welsh site in Welsh in Wales, so can we have English sites in English in Wales then?
--Sibel Sat Jan 12 03:23:36 2013

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