self-absorbed like the towel that gets wetter the more it dries
MAYBE 1 of several.
The 1? No.
Unknit the brow.
--YELAS Mon May 10 11:15:51 2004
I think it's a great picture!
--Candi Mon May 10 13:05:08 2004
Brother Butch ... doesn't look like you have changed much in (whoa!!!) almost 12 years. Just different & stylish glasses.
--Beau Mon May 10 13:29:59 2004
Heh, yeah, one of the few nice side effects of a baby-face is that you don't look all that older.

Jane at work thinks I could use a tweak of hairstyle. And funkier glasses, actually.
--Kirk Mon May 10 13:35:22 2004
I wouldn't use the pic for a ad (not smiling enough), or for a photo contest (funny shadows), but it does give a pretty good representation of how you look.
--Max, the long sentence writer Mon May 10 13:48:05 2004
Yeah, well I was thinking of like the style ads where they have a couple pix. It wouldn't be picture #1 but maybe one of the other ones.

Funny how you have to "smile, darn ya, smile". Look at me! I'm happy! Go on a date and you can be happy too!!!

ANyway. FWIW, I think the tweak I made to the comments UI works pretty well, having the name after isn't as unnatural as I had feared.
--Kirk Mon May 10 14:11:22 2004
Yeah, I prefer the new UI. It allows me to feel like I'm "signing" my comment.
--Max Mon May 10 14:12:44 2004
Speaking of UI, ever thought about adding an RSS/Atom feed? I've recently migrated from 20th century nerd to 21st century nerd. This RSS reader (er, aggregator is the techie term) thing is pretty handy, though imperfect to be sure.
--Max Mon May 10 14:13:57 2004
I think I once looked at it (not being too familiar with RSS feeds) but realized I might have a problem with the kind of weird nature of updates... a "day" isn't atomic, it's made of smaller parts, but those aren't really represented by any data structure...just the fact they start out with a (usually) "of the Moment" header. Plus I sometimes do go back and edit 'em, I don't know what RSS makes of that.
--Kirk Mon May 10 14:19:49 2004
Yeah, the non-atomic thing might be a problem for it, not sure about how the .xml structure works. I do think that RSS allows for an "update" of an existing entry, though.
--Max Mon May 10 14:58:09 2004
I agree about the hair. You could use a trim. And, if you are going to use this pic with others -- say one or two that don't show you looking as serious, it will work wonderfully. I hate how everybody tries to look so fucking cheery on those things. You could do a few close-ups of you laughing or smiling. You do have a very young face. It will work to your advantage, pal. Good Luck. I never got ballsy enough to actually put a photo up there!
--Rhetoric Tue May 11 10:51:54 2004
Well, some of my friends have convinced that my usual way-short haircut, the same boys' cut I've been getting since third grade or so (except for that unfortunate period in middle school) is a, square, I think. With the length I have right now, I'm mostly worried about the stuff over my sideburns. I'm thinking about going to a real stylist for a chance, see if they have any ideas, even if it involves using some kind of "product" daily...
--Kirk Tue May 11 12:15:10 2004
Thanks for pointing out the demos; I never would have noticed them if I'd just looked at Metroid Cube the first time I saw it and then filed it away.
--Nick B Tue May 11 14:27:17 2004

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