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This has to be one of my favorite kisrael entries because of the few references to tornadoes and the fact that I'm a meteorology geek. Tornadoes are so powerful and how they actually form is still unknown. And there is still so much left to learn about how clouds form! The atmosphere amazes me.
--Candi Sun May 16 08:58:18 2004
I pay bills once a week. Oh and I keep track of when they're due by using a spreadsheet. It would probably be easiest to get it so that they're all due at the same time of the month, so then you'd only have to worry about it once a month.
--billcollector--NOT Sun May 16 09:54:12 2004
I get paid on the 1st and the 15th (or after that if either date lands on a weekend). I do my "money management" and bill paying on pay day. It works pretty good for not having to worrying about getting the bills paid all the time, but I end up spending more than I've budgeted half the time on "fun stuff" and food, so. . .it works for bills, but not all that good for staying on budget.
--Mr. Lex Sun May 16 12:03:34 2004
I do my bills as often as I check my mail: weekly.  As for Spam filtering, note nearly all mail you're likely to get from Delaware (and some New Jersey) addresses will be credit card offers. 
--LAN3 Sun May 16 14:31:05 2004
I remember reading elsewhere, possibly even on your site, about the concept of taking a video game and applying different rules to it. I wish I could find that again. Something along the lines of, clearing all but one dot in Pac-Man and seeing how long you could survive.
--NIck B Sun May 16 17:42:02 2004
I dunno, Nick... I thought it might be this slashdot discussion, http://games.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/04/11/0440215&mode=nested&tid=127&tid=186 , but now I kind of doubt it :-(
--Kirk Sun May 16 19:28:03 2004

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