Some Game Boy emulators already have that sort of scaline mode. So does ZSNES, I think.
--Nick B Tue May 18 12:47:23 2004
I don't get the typographical joke. Explain?
--Morgan Tue May 18 12:53:52 2004
Morgan -- umopepisdn... look at it while standing on your head.
--Kirk Tue May 18 13:11:05 2004
Wow. . .I'm impressed that I saw it the first time. I usually don't do good with letter stuff like that, even though I'm good shapes. Good me!
--Mr. Lex Tue May 18 13:43:21 2004
Err, good grammar there, Lex... ;-)
--Kirk Tue May 18 14:08:57 2004
Grammer's fer sissies! =b
--Mr. Lex Tue May 18 15:59:00 2004

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